Token Metrics & Distribution

Info on POT tokens and how you can get them.

Token Metrics

The token metrics are detailed below:

Ticker: POT

Total Supply: 21M

Token Distribution Chart

Ecosystem Growth: 15% of the total supply; reserved for marketing, partnership and exchange listing, vesting through a 3-year period

Team & Advisors: 10% of the total supply; Lock-up for 6 months after TGE, then vesting through a 3-year period

Liquidity Fund: 20% of the total supply; reserved for the fund for liquidity on Uniswap and other exchanges, vesting through a 3-year period

Pool Reserved for Mining: 35% of the total supply; reserved for the network incentives after the launchment of mainnet.

Fundraising: 20% of the total supply:




Release Policy

Seed Round

$0.1 USD

5% of total supply

20% vesting on listing, then 8% monthly over 10 months

Private Round

$0.2 USD

10% of total supply

30% vesting on listing, then 10% monthly over 7 months

Public Sale


5% of the total supply

No Lock-up

POT tokens will be vested through a 3-year period to better ensure the value basis of POT tokens.

PolkaOracle will seek more solid value basis enforcements such as business development, user growth, community growth and ecosystem construction, etc.

A Deflationary Mechanism

Token supply deflation is a mechanism that ensures that the company can generate demand for tokens in the market, and reduce supply at the same time.

Certain proportions of POT tokens will be bought back and burnt using the commission fees during the applications of data feeds by our users. The buy-backs will be carried out on regular basis.

With demands for data feeds from PolkaOracle increase, there will be more revenue to ensure the sustainable growth of POT values.